This is Birth | Through my Lens 

 I think birth is AMAZING and absolutely EMPOWERING to document!

My pregnancies and my own birthing experiences were completely life altering for me. My perspective on life was challenged. I became a better person with each child I birthed. I became whole. I now had propose. Motherhood is something that challenges me everyday and makes me question my sanity at times, yet it's something that I truly treasure with all my heart and something that I am passionate about documenting! 

 It is my absolute pleasure to document this time in other women's lives! Documenting the beauty of pregnancy and the miracle of child birth for women is a career I would have never imagined I would be doing! I didn't realize how important it was, until I was three years deep into it. I've come to realize the images I capture for my clients impact them so deeply. I hear all the time form families how special it is to have your feelings, your emotions captured in a photograph to have forever.

We all have a story to tell, and I get to document the very moment that story begins.